About Brenda Johnson

Being a creative professional for well over 20 years allows one to cross all boundaries of the creative process. I've dabbled in everything from traditional print design and production to online design and strategies to interior design to photography to fabric design to retail product design and packaging. Due to my passion for cool and interesting things along with an intense knowledge of the traditional print process, Billboard Bags was born.

In the beginning, I acquired a few used billboards to make into fine art. I've always been attracted to the qualities of CMYK dot patterns. Yes ... strange, I know. I would look for interesting patterns in the billboards, then cut the billboard into pieces and stretch the pieces over wood frames. It was fun but a hard sell as fine art. I had A LOT of extra material piling up in my garage. The spouse was not thrilled, so I started making reusable shopping bags. I made some for myself, some for family, some for friends, some for my kid's ski team, and so on. Then a friend suggested I should sell them (insert light bulb here).

I'm hoping to expand the Billboard Bags product line over the next few months, so come back to the site often! Click here to see our current products. We will continue to build on our mission by keeping our designs functional and affordable.We'd love to hear from you if you have ideas, product suggestions, etc.

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